Carve your own F-150 Pumpkin!


Want to make your own Ford F-150 Pumpkin? Download the pattern HERE (there’s a bonus Ford logo if you prefer), the grey areas are to have the surface of the pumpkin shaved off, the black areas are cutting lines. Print it, and follow these tips…

  1. Make sure your pumpkin is clean before you start. Clean off any soil, and pay special attention to the stalk as sometimes these can look mouldy. If yours looks this way, cut the top off and submerge in a diluted bleach bath for a few minutes.
  2. When you cut off the top, angle your knife inwards all the way around so it fits back on nicely afterwards.
  3. You can keep pumpkin seeds and roast them with a bit of salt, and scrape away the inside until the wall of the pumpkin is around 1″ to 3/4″ thick. You can always cut more off behind your design as you carve if it is a little too thick. Why not make pumpkin soup or pumpkin pie? Give it a quick rinse.
  4. Tape the design to the pumpkin and trace all of the lines by poking a pin along the design every 1/8″ or so. You can remove the paper and set it to the side as a reference guide
  5. You will need a really thin blade, the pumpkin tools that you can get from the grocery store or Michaels are really good and really cheap.
  6. Don’t do what we did! Start with the shaved away areas first, they’re really hard to do if you’ve cut away chunks first. Especially that Ford oval!
  7. When cutting, cut the smallest areas first as it will make the area more stable and accidents less likely.
  8. Take your time. If you want to skip bits that are too small, such as the wheel details or the door handles, go for it!
  9. To take care of your design and make it last longer, bathe the whole thing in the diluted bleach bath, and then finish with petroleum jelly around the cut out areas.

Happy Halloween!